Interior Rumah Dengan Nuansa Ungu

Purple seems to be a lucky color and people think it is usually used for girls rooms, but this is a wrong perception. Take a look at these breathtaking pictures that will change your mind about purple room design and will teach you that the color purple should not be hidden just in bedrooms; it’s a good choice even for kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms.

These great ideas for purple rooms combine many attributes in a single place: chic, modern, exquisite, elegant, sophistication, cozier, versatility, all in one thanks to a vibrant color combined with black, white, silver, orange and green.

A common kitchen without any special equipment becomes fantastic just with a shinny purple furniture or tiles, and that is how you start to love cooking: the purple flavor is the secret.

With courage you can paint a dark purple room for a strong impression. This expresses your strong and determined character. Purple walls or purple furniture can become the masterpiece in completing the personality of your room and change forever the aspect, offering the intimacy you need. Hope this article helps you in finding the best purple room decorating ideas for your space.

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pembuatan furniture samarinda 001

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purple interior 001

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